Since my last blog, there has been a lot going on not only emotionally but personally – my half siblings needs were not being met, the decision was made to find them a forever family!

Although this was a shock and emotional – this was a relief as I finally felt that the right decision was not only made for myself, but my half siblings also.

I feel happy that they have found a forever family, like I have in my life.

Thank you all for your time in following me in reading my blog and your kind comments have meant so much to me, I feel as though I have a grown as a person. My diploma will be concluded in 4 weeks, but thank you – any further comments would be much appreciated, as I would like to continue to raise awareness on this subject close to my heart – as you can imagine this means the world to me!


Well I’m here again !! Half terms can sometimes be stressful and upsetting!!

I just want to repeat that I am over the moon with me amount of comments I have got on this blog !!

In school I always try my best and try to succeed in all I do in conclusion I would really appreciate if u could ask me questions and comment and also send it to r friends family or people u know even on social media just not Facebook please

Thankyou again

Who am I targeting it at

In my presentation and questionnaires I am mainly focusing on year 5 and 6 because that is the time that I found it hardest to deal with my emotions and feelings

But the questionnaires are suitable for all ages really

If you could pass this link onto your family or friends that would be great but can you not post it on Instagram snapchat or Facebook but Twitter is ok Thankyou


Today and all this week I have and still am doing presentation to year 5 and 6

If anyone who was in the presentation sees this thank you for being so good

I got some really good comments and you all listened really well

If u know anyone who is adopted or fostered or if u are please tell me and if u don’t want to just remember there is nothing wrong with it

Also if there is any questions you would like to ask me about please comment and I will answer

New opportunities

As I am growing older and more mature I am realising the opportunities in life and that I should strive for all my goals

Like if you would like to adopt or foster or even both go and follow your dreams and make someone else’s come true

If you have story’s I would love to hear them and never be afraid to speak out for what you believe in

I would like to listen and so do other so speak out for what is morally right

A new year a new chapter

I hope you all had a amazing Christmas and new year I had an amazing new year with my family and friends. my mummy and daddy always try and make Christmas an amazing and very fun time as it can be hard for me.

this year at Christmas time I did wonder about my birth family:

are they okay?

what are they doing?

but that is completely normal and I look forward to posting more please bare with me because I am all new to this it is my first blog and I have been quite busy over Christmas thank you .

my story

I was adopted as a baby because my mum and dad could not look after me properly. In the last couple of years I have had a hard time taking in what being adopted means .

I thought it was something to be frightened or embarrassed of . but it is not! I have learnt that it makes you 100 times more special and loved.

Now I am so happy in my life and I would not change a thing about it. I love my family my mum, dad , sister and my little puppy they mean the world to me and I would never wish to change it.

Some times I do think about my birth family wondering if they are safe especially at this time of the year .

please if you have room in your house and room in your heart adopt a child because it will not just fill a gap in their hearts but yours as well every one deserves a nice family and a home .


What is adoption and fostering

Adoption and fostering are similar things but what makes it so special?

First of all anyone can have a baby but adoption or fostering shows that they are loved and Cared for .

So what is fostering ? Fostering is when a child baby or adult goes to live with a family for a period of time there are all different types of fostering it can be for a short time or a long time .

what is adoption? Adoption is where a baby or a young adult goes to stay with a forever family  there is also different types of adoption too.’